Tips on Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on October 10, 2019

Instead of replacing your kitchen cabinets with new ones, you can try refacing them to save on costs. For starters, visiting a good kitchen showroom is a great place to find new ideas for your cabinets. There are many ways of freshening up your cabinets. Here are a few helpful ideas.

New Doors and Hardware

To give your cabinets a new look, you can simply replace the doors with new ones. If you want a more open looking cabinet, you can even get rid of the doors altogether. Just make sure to fill in any holes from the screws and hinges so that your cabinet will look polished after the restoration. If you are worried about keeping your pots and pans dust free but you still want a more open look, use doors with glass windows. To finish the look, install new hardware such as hinges and cabinet pulls.

New Paint

A fresh coat of paint is often the best way to give your cabinets a drastic makeover without spending too much. Simply choose more contemporary colors to give your outdated cabinets a more modern look.

Working with veneers

If you think a new paint job is not enough, try installing new veneers or wooden laminates. While more expensive than a new paint job, this type of refacing is often the most effective in terms of making your cabinets look as good as new.

Keep in mind that kitchen remodeling doesn’t mean that you have to replace everything in your kitchen. With the money you saved on refacing your current kitchen cabinets, you will have more cash to spend the next time you go shopping in your neighborhood kitchen showroom.

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