Turning your Guest Bathroom into an Elegant Powder Room

Posted on September 22, 2019

When talking about a guest bathroom, showers and tubs are often unnecessary. If you want to use your guest bathroom creatively, you can turn it into a powder room. This is a great way of adding a design savvy bathroom in your house that guests can enjoy. Essentially a powder room is basically a bathroom minus the shower and bath. Guests can use a powder room to relieve themselves or freshen themselves up. Since you do not need to add a bathing area, you can take a lot of liberties with a powder room. To get ideas on the layout and design of your powder room, a good bathroom showroom is a great place to start. You don’t have to look specifically for a powder room display area to get ideas. Just look for a good guest bathroom display area and you can find ideas that you can use in your own home.

Adding Color to your Powder Room

Since a powder room is meant to be used by guests, this is a great way to show off your own taste and creativity. In order to make a statement, use bold colors instead of drab neutrals. While this may run counter to the design philosophy where lighter colors equals larger apparent size, powder rooms are often small rooms in the first place and you can opt to go with wow factor and dramatic effect instead.

Picking a Layout for your Powder Room

When settling on a layout for your powder room, the usual bathroom rules apply. Make sure to take note of existing water pipes and drain pipes. The only difference is that you don’t have to worry about the drains and water supply pipes for the bath. Make sure to choose a layout that maximizes that space you have available.

Finishing Touches

Don’t be afraid to splurge a little when it comes to wall treatments and your bathroom vanity. This room is meant for show and you can go all out when it comes to design. Who knows, your powder room could end up at the topic of the week when you go out with friends who have had the pleasure of visiting your home and using your powder room.

These are just three simple ideas that can help you create a powder room worthy of any design magazine. For more creative ideas that you can use in your own home, visit a good bathroom showroom today.

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