What to do with a Large Kitchen

Posted on December 6, 2018

If you think of a kitchen as a blank canvas that you can carefully style to your own personal tastes and preferences, then a large canvass will always be more difficult to fill compared to a smaller canvass. Small to medium sized kitchens are pretty easy to remodel. Your countertops, range, and appliances alone should take up a large chunk of the space you have available. For a large kitchen however, things can be a bit more difficult. However, you will also have more space to work with. This means that you are free to add anything from large pantries to spacious kitchen islands. If you don’t know how to get started when remodeling your large kitchen, visiting a good kitchen showroom might give you some great ideas. Here are a few things you can do with all that extra space.

Kitchen Islands

While many homeowners with medium sized kitchen also opt to add kitchen islands, the sheer number of options that open up when dealing with a large kitchen can be both a source of delight as well as frustration. While a normal kitchen island is often just some extra counter space in the middle of a kitchen, a large island can be a lot more versatile. For starters, you can easily add extra under the counter storage space. Some people even add sinks and taps in their kitchen islands if their kitchen is large enough. If you check out some display areas in a popular kitchen showroom, you may even see ovens and ranges installed in a kitchen island. The important thing is the create a kitchen island that suits your family’s specific needs.

Breakfast Nook

Adding a breakfast nook in your kitchen is another great idea if you have extra space. This is a great place to share quick meals with your family before they leave for work or school in the mornings. In addition to this, a breakfast nook can also be a great place to enjoy a midnight snack. To add a breakfast nook in your kitchen, all you need is a table and enough chairs for the members of your family.

These are just two simple ideas that you can use if you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen. For more great tips and guidelines on how to take advantage of a large kitchen, visit a well-stocked kitchen showroom as soon as possible.

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