The New Wood

Posted on July 9, 2019

Gone are the days when you would have to spend an arm and a leg just to achieve the aesthetic value that expensive flooring options have to offer. Whether you fancy mahogany, walnut, pine, or maple, there’s not a “wood look” that digital imaging technologies can’t imprint on more affordable flooring options like ceramic tiles. Any tile can be digitally rendered to look like the most expensive or in the case of rustic-themed interiors, stylishly distressed, flooring options in the market. While nothing still beats the real thing, the costs of renovating an apartment in NYC and the costs of applying for permits in the city can eat up your budget for materials. If you’ve always wanted wooden floors installed in your apartment but the costs have discouraged you from taking the plunge, then you’ll certainly be delighted to know that there are less expensive options out there that looks just as good and are often, even easier to maintain than the real thing.

What are the top trends in wood tiles this year?

When it comes to wood for apartments, the design options are virtually unlimited. In fact, with reclaimed wood and distressed wooden looks surging in popularity, some tile companies have even started digitally rendering the distressed and aged look on tiles. Great for achieving that unique rustic flair that is so common in country-themed homes, ceramic tiles that are imprinted with a distressed and aged wood look will allow you to achieve the rustic look in your apartment almost instantly. Who says you can’t go rustic in New York City? If you’re looking for the character and warmth that ultra-modern styles can’t offer, you can’t go wrong with these rustic tile options.

Of course, the traditional hardwood look is still very much in style this year. Hardwood, especially dark colored wood, has a timeless look that transcends seasonal trends. So if you still prefer the timeless perfection of hardwood floors but can’t afford the price of the real thing, hardwood inspired tiles are your best option.

Another new trend in NYC renovations are large wood-inspired tiles that create a clean, cohesive, and seamless design. Measuring over 1 meter by 3 meters each tile, these tiles are perfect if you want to incorporate the color of wood in a modern setup. Minimalist, stylish, and timeless, these wooden-inspired tiles will certainly add some stylish flair to your New York apartment.

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