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My first contact with KBRNY was my cousin. She had her kitchen done by KBRNY and I absolutely loved it. In 2017 I contacted the company to remodel my kitchen,and I was pleased with the result. In 2018 I again contacted KBRNY to do my bathroom. I worked with Alex who I was able to contact whenever I had concerns regarding anything.Yosi would always correct me whenever he thinks the project would not be as lovely as he would like it to be. Most of the time his judgement would be correct. I enjoyed working with KBRNY and would definitely use them for future projects.


We recently hired KBR to renovate our 2 bedroom/1.5 bath, newly purchased apartment. We were quite nervous about venturing into a home renovation project, having heard many negative stories. We are so happy that we went with KBR—it made our project one that we can actually tell our friends that it went smoothly. They were very thorough with their quote, the project was on time (even given our incredibly tight timeline), they never pressured us to make any decisions we were not comfortable with, and the finished work was wonderful. The team kept us in the loop on what was happening almost daily, and made themselves available to us whenever we needed. They seemed to be a bit more expensive than other companies we looked at, but in the end, it was 100% worth it for us. We highly recommend!

Ian Fosbery

[UPDATED REVIEW 8/7/18] A few weeks ago, I realized that the shower door had been installed incorrectly as mentioned in my original review below. I contacted KBR and they were quick to fix the problem. They came 3 days in a row to replace the tiles that were damaged by the door and reinstall the door correctly. The new crew that showed up was professional and reliable unlike the first crew that took on my project. They even fixed one of my kitchen drawers. Despite my negative experience with KBR, I now believe that my case was an unlucky outlier and would’ve went smoothly had I gotten a different crew. If anything, KBR has shown that they want to fix the situation for me, and I’ve been impressed by their commitment. I’d recommend KBR. Just make sure they use a crew they’ve worked with for long. [ORIGINAL REVIEW BELOW] KBR’s designers are friendly and mostly professional. Their quote was the most reasonable/affordable for what I wanted to do. The problem is their workers. The workers they hire are nice guys but they lack experience, are careless, and are absolutely incompetent. They painted without paint tapes, leaving spots of incomplete painting and going over boundaries. They left their tools on my new counter without any protection and I had to place a protective layer myself. They were so sloppy installing my floor that the glue was everywhere on TOP of the floor. Their shower door crew didn’t install the door securely enough that after a few months of regular use, the top hinge came off loose. They broke one of the holders underneath my vanity drawer and didn’t even let me know about it. They dinged the cabinet finishing so much so often that KBR had to re-do the whole thing. And even afterwards, I still found dings. Just.. utter incompetence. But from talking to them, I know this isn’t entirely their fault. The workers are pressured to finish the job as fast as possible by KBR. This pressure creates a vicious cycle of hurried tasks and having to fix mistakes produced by the rushed jobs. Rushing the jobs also isn’t entirely KBR’s fault. The workers KBR hires in turn hire other workers but they pay them by hour. So of course they want to spend the least amount of time to get the job done. This leads to very low quality of jobs. This may be a problem common to the industry but it was a problem nonetheless. The project took 4 times longer than estimated. This caused me a great amount of financial and psychological stress. Through the process, KBR tried their best to be accommodating and compensated for the trouble I went through. They offered to install light fixtures for free and offered me some financial compensation along with a nice gift at the end. I personally wouldn’t use KBR again or recommend it to others, but I also don’t know if my project was an outlier and KBR is actually a lot better than what I experienced. If you’re going to hire KBR, I’d suggest you put into the contract a timeline clause that compensates you financially if the project gets delayed, and a clause that requires a weekly quality control meeting where you and KBR can go over the workers’ work in detail.

Paul C
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