3 Kitchen Design Inspirations You Should try on Your Next NYC Kitchen Remodel

Posted on October 24, 2019

We all have our own favorite spots in the house. To some, it is their laid-back and serene bedrooms. While to others, it is their bright and welcoming living areas. However, to some degree, homeowners will agree that the heart of every home resides in the kitchen; which makes sense as this is where people prepare the hearty meals they serve for their families. Regardless if you are living in a big suburban townhouse, or in a small New York City apartment, your kitchen will always play an important part in your daily life. Hence, much as how people love remodeling their favorite spots in the house according to their design preferences, at some point, you will also need to give your kitchen some love by renovating it. The thing though is, doing a renovation is not always an easy task. There are lots of considerations you need to think through first, and a lot of budget concerns to decide on. So considering how hard it could to do a kitchen renovation, here are few design inspirations you might want to consider on your next remodeling project:

  • White minimalist kitchen – While some would think twice about making their kitchens all white – considering how much mess a kitchen usually accumulate – white kitchen concepts actually work well with an NYC homes because light colors make rooms wider and more spacious. It also gives it a sleek and minimalist look, which allows you to maximize the limited space you have in your NYC home.
  • Traditional Country-style kitchen – When going NYC kitchen renovation, most homeowners will instinctively get concerned about the space, hence minimalist designs are the ones that easily come to mind. However, that dream for a traditional, country style kitchen is still possible even for a tiny NYC home. Just use wood as the main element of the room, change all kitchen cabinets to traditionally-carved wood pieces. Replace handles too, so they resemble cottage kitchen cabinets. Use traditional kitchen tiles for the backsplash too. And for a total country style appeal, you may also incorporate old-style coffee pots, pans and fixtures.
  • Modern, mixed elements kitchen – If you are doing a kitchen renovation to address the limited space of your NYC kitchen, you can make up for the lack of space by maximizing all the elements you can incorporate in your kitchen. Mix wood, stone and metal. Incorporate these elements in your cabinets, counter tops and furniture. The mixture of elements will make your kitchen look more dynamic, which will somehow make the lack of space less noticeable.

The kitchen is a very important part of the house. Whether or not it is your favorite spot, you need to give it some makeover when it needs one. Especially if you are living in NYC, you need to be as creative with your kitchen design concept to make up for the small space. And hopefully these design inspirations will give you an idea on what to do on your next NYC kitchen renovation.

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