4 Tips on How to Make an NYC Loft or Studio More Homey

Posted on November 12, 2018

A lot of people dream of living in the great New York City someday. The thing about living in NYC however is that you need to get used being crumped up in small apartments. A lot of people consider studio units their homes, getting used to moving from their bedroom to their living room in just a few steps. Sounds totally different than the NYC lifestyle you imagine? Living in small NYC flats however should not limit you from living comfortably and in style. This is the reason most New Yorkers invest on NYC renovation projects as much as they can. The truth is, there are a lot of ways on how you can spice up your loft or studio flat. Check out the following expert tips on how you can makeover an NYC loft or studio to make it more homey:

  1. Cohesion is important – Creativity goes beyond boundaries, and most of the time, there will be a lot of elements we want to put in one place just to make it look more dynamic. However, when dealing with an NYC apartment, you need to remember how little space you have; hence, do not stress your eyes out with too much going on. Make your theme cohesive and plan your wallpaper, as well as the color of the curtains and furniture carefully.
  2. Create rooms with an area rug – An area rug us a huge mat that can cover a small room. If your place do not have enough room for dividers, use an area rug to define your living room from the kitchen or dining area for example. This will make your flat look more like a complete home minus the walls.
  3. Be realistic with furnishing and scale things down appropriately – You should never deprive your petite home of the best pieces of furniture; however, in as much as you want your home to have the best things, you need to always take the furniture’s size into consideration. It is gorgeous, yes; but will it actually fit your living room? Will it function properly in such as small space?
  4. Use curtains or drapes as room separators – Instead of bulky doors, put up a curtain rood between two walls and use curtains as room separators or door alternatives. While avoiding the space taken up by opening and closing doors from either sides, this alternative actually looks more comfy and space convenient.

These are only a few tips. Always remember that the size of your home should never limit your creativity when doing an NYC renovation.

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