A Chinese Theme for your Bathroom

Posted on May 28, 2019

Some people look for something different and uncommon when they make NYC bathroom remodeling plans. They want something exotic and appealing. One good choice that falls under this category would be a Chinese theme for the bathroom. Not only will it appeal to your search for something functional and exotic, but it is also quite easy to achieve.

Chinese fixtures and furnitures also work well as focal points in your bathroom. They are ornate enough to stand by itself, giving a hint of Chinese in your bathroom theme, blending well with regular fixtures or you can go full on Chinese to really stay true to your theme.

Here are a few examples of Chinese fixtures you can add to your NYC bathroom remodeling to instill a Chinese theme.

Chinese storage solutions

These usually have a showy design and are easily recognizable as Chinese. They are are both functional and decorative. Shelves or cabinets are usually the ideal spots to place other decorative accents such as small plants or small figurines.

Chinese accents

There are several functional accents that the Chinese in their bathrooms. Things like Chinese boat shaped magazine containers near toilets; Chinese low buffet cabinets within reach of the bathtub; Mosaic screen dividers; tall rectangular paper lamps; or tasteful Chinese clothes hampers would be nice additions to your NYC bathroom remodeling plans.


When picking out a design for the walls and the floor, you will have plenty of different options. But a Chinese theme can be achieved without having to change the floors or walls. All that you really need for this is to use the right decoration and fixtures.

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