A Wooden Bathroom

Posted on March 27, 2019

Making plans for bathroom remodeling, ever consider using wood as your central theme? Most people shy away from the idea of using wood in their bathroom; they may know it looks nice, but they hold the belief that wood would not fare too well given the bathroom’s average circumstances — they think it will rot, deteriorate, and soak up a lot of damage because of all the moisture..

What most people don’t know is that several bathroom remodeling projects are now implementing wood for all parts: the floors, the walls, the counters, and even the sinks. When treated properly, wood can withstand all sorts of moisture damage and hold its own just as well as any other material can. It is possible to have the calming relaxing beauty of wood in your bathroom without having to worry about replacing it in some months time and yes, you can include in your bathroom remodeling.

The perfect wood to use for your bathroom would be teak. Teak: a hardwood commonly found in tropical countries. It is known for its durability and will easily last 20 years under proper maintenance. Even under bad weather and extreme heat from sunlight, a garden bench made from teak will still be in good condition. It is also worth mentioning that teak, due to its natural composition of certain oils and moisture, will never be plagued by termites.

When you make bathroom remodeling plans, try to remember what the main purpose of the bathroom is — to clean yourself. This is an environment you want to have a nice atmosphere in where you can relax and forget about everything else in the world for just a moment. You will definitely want it to be as welcoming and as comfortable as possible. Making it look nice will absolutely improve your quality of life.

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