Posted on November 14, 2018

As they say, a house is not necessarily a home. There are many things that make a house a home like, the people close to your heart, your pets, your good old couch where you fall asleep every afternoon, and simply the warm atmosphere every house should have. That is basically why we need a house in the first place. It should be a place where we could seek refuge and warmth. Living in the city however, can be very unconventional. A home may mean a small studio apartment that does not have a working radiator to literally keep the place warm enough during the winter. Has the same problem? Did you know that you can actually create a warmer feel through an apartment remodel? Read on to find out how.

Observe the Light

As you may have noticed, a particular lighting effect actually makes us feel warm. Like during Christmas, for example, there is always that warmer feel whenever we enter a room full of Christmas lights. This is of course an illusion since these lights are always there during this time of the year, when everybody tries to make everybody feel warm in their homes. This is actually a great point to take note. Lighting plays an important factor in setting the mood of your house. Tweak your lights a little bit to make the room appear on the yellowish side, than on the industrial, white light side. Try bringing in some candles too for a complete effect.  Try it on your next home make over and feel the difference!

Place some nice Tassel Throws on Your Couch

What better way to make your guests feel warmer in your place but by literally providing them things to keep them warm, right? But aside from literally making you feel warmer whenever you tuck yourself up in that couch, a couch with comfy pillows and nice tassel throws actually exudes an instantly warm appeal. This gives you a more comfortable impression, hence a warmer sofa/couch experience.

Show off Some Rugs

Lastly, you may also concentrate on the foot. While hardwood floors sure are cool, these may not necessarily look very warm and homey during the winter. So on your next apartment remodel, try dressing up that floor with some fur and make those surfaces look more comfortable and warm during cold seasons.

There is nothing like lighting up a city apartment with warmth and comfort amidst a very busy and stressful lifestyle. You may be away from the comforts of your mom’s country house or your grandpa’s log cabin, but you can definitely warm up that cold urban apartment through these simple remodeling tricks.

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