Adding a Vintage Touch to your Bathroom

Posted on January 9, 2019

Some people may think that bathroom design aesthetics from both the Victorian and Edwardian periods of England are relics of the past; this is untrue. These days, vintage styles are popular among many homeowners. In spite of the popularity of modern and contemporary style, vintage aesthetics are still in fashion. If you are looking for a classic and timeless look for your bathroom remodeling project, you can opt for adding a vintage touch to an otherwise modern bathroom.

Vintage Walls

If you are gunning for a vintage bathroom, Pick out wall colors normally associated with both Victorian and Edwardian aesthetics. This can include green or dark blue with a few touches of black here and there. You could also choose to go with wallpaper if paint is not your thing.

Vintage Fixtures

For your bathroom fixtures, go with flamboyant and ornate pieces. This should include your taps as well as your bathtub and showerheads. Get materials like cast iron, ceramics, brass, nickel and copper to finish up your vintage bathroom remodeling project.


When adding lighting fixtures to your bathroom, find ornate pieces that you can use for your walls and ceilings. You can even add a chandelier if you really want to make a strong statement. Just make sure to pick a chandelier that scales well with the size of your bathroom.

Vintage Flooring

Good flooring options for a vintage bathroom include porcelain tiles or marble slabs. However, make sure that the flooring materials you choose will blend well with your ceiling and wall treatment. For a touch of softness in the room, you can add a Persian carpet in the vanity area.

These are just a few tips that you can use to create a vintage look in your bathroom. To complete your Victorian bathroom remodeling project, find unique vintage accessories like paintings or figurines that you can display on your walls and shelves.

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