Taking Advantage of Fitted Bathroom Fixtures Part 2

Posted on March 29, 2019

Modern fitted fixtures for the bathroom is perfect for any NYC bathroom remodeling project; be it for a large bathroom or a small one, it will certainly find a place in most bathrooms today. These kinds of fixtures will help enhance the mood and improve the storage capacity of your bathroom. Toiletries and other hygiene products should not be allowed to clutter up your bathroom.

The following will be a continuation of the previous tips for applying fitted bathroom fixtures in your NYC bathroom remodeling. These should help you make the most out of fitted bathroom fixtures and help show you how to improve your bathroom better.


There are plenty of different fixtures for the bathroom that are ideal storage units but fitted bathroom furniture normally takes up less space while providing more space through its design. Remember; design your bathroom in a way that makes the storage work for you. Keep the most used items in areas that are easier to access.


For smaller bathrooms, you will want to use lightly colored walls with reflective surfaces and strategically position the mirrors in a manner that makes gives out the illusion of more space.

For large bathrooms, you can improve the space even further since many fitted bathroom fixtures serve dual purposes and are designed to fit around the contours of your bathroom.


If you aren’t planning on installing it yourself then it would be in your best interests to find a proper professional. Be sure to look into their credentials and most important of all, be sure that they arrive at the same time as your fixtures do. Some people do not time it properly and end up wasting the fitter’s time, which in turn, costs more money.

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