Alternative Flooring Options for Your Bathroom Renovation

Posted on January 18, 2019

Those of you making NYC bathroom remodeling plans may have to decide what type of material to use for their floor. There are many kinds of options available and it would be best to know about all kinds of materials before deciding which one to use.

Glass tiles

Glass tiles are becoming increasingly common in several bathrooms. If not used for the entire floor then they are sometimes found as decorative accents usually as streaks in edges or throughout walls.

Glass is durable, available in various designs and colors, easy to install, and easy to maintain. Glass tiles can provide a unique and comfortable design but may not blend well with particular themes. It is easy to install and worth considering if you are looking for something contemporary.

Wooden floors

Though not too common within bathrooms, wooden floors can be used and will make your bathroom cozier and give your bathroom a whole new kind of atmosphere. The downside is that it is slightly high maintenance when compared with other types of flooring, requiring resealing ever so often.

One way to make wooden floors more suitable for the bathroom is to seal it with extra coats of varnish to raise its durability.

Bamboo flooring

Those of you who are more environmentally inclined may choose to install bamboo flooring. Bamboo is sturdier and more durable than wooden floors and is available in all sorts of designs as well. Bamboo is also relatively cheap to install making it an excellent choice for bathroom floors.

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