The Art of Compromise: Remodeling an Apartment as a Couple

Posted on December 2, 2018

Being in a relationship requires the ability from both parties to compromise. To compromise is one of the golden rules of relationships that has helped couples live together in harmony. But what if they just have very dissimilar tastes? Like in interior design, for example. What is a couple could not decide on a particular theme for their apartment renovation? Should a challenge like this inflict a rift on a relationship easily? It never should. Hence, if you are just getting worried about a renovation you are about to do with your significant other, here are  a few tips you would like to keep in mind:

  1. Make a commitment to respect each other’s differences no matter what – In normal scenarios, we call it promises; but when it comes to relationships, we call it vows. Before going into something that will most likely make you clash, make a vow first to respect each other no matter what happens. Anticipate together the things and decisions that will most likely make you clash. Aside from making it difficult for each other, this might also make it difficult for the designer you will be working with. But no matter what happens, no matter how much likely you will fight, commit to respecting each other throughout the entire process.
  2. Make your list of non-negotiables – This is somewhat a wish list for the both of you. However, this is a non-negotiable wish list meaning, the things you list here are the things you do not want gone or missing after the renovation. It will help to write your lists together so you could at least talk things through before finalizing your non-negotiables. While on the process, remember that this apartment renovation is for the both of you and not for you alone.
  3. Give each other your own spaces – Lastly, accept the fact that you have your own passions and interests. Allow each other to enjoy your interests and freedom while being together by designating dedicated spaces for yourselves. This will allow you to be yourself and feel free doing what you love while being with your significant other. However, do not forget that this project is not about splitting the house into two. This is about building your home and making it work for the both of you.

Planning and committing about compromising is very important in doing a renovation with your partner. This process will inevitably cause disagreements, so it pays to prepare on how to settle these arguments before you finalize plans with a designer and make the entire process a pain for all of you.

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