Art Deco Inspired Bathrooms

Posted on October 12, 2019

Art Deco was a popular style used in many buildings in the early to mid 1900s. If you have seen the Empire State building, then you will have an idea of what Art Deco is. In recent years, people have come into the habit of using older styles such as Art Deco as inspiration when remodeling their homes. If you want an interesting look for your bathroom, then Art Deco might be a good option. While this style is not very common these days, a good bathroom showroom should still have a few items that would go well with an Art Deco inspired bathroom.

The Art Deco style aims for beauty in simple shapes and clean aesthetics. This means that you should veer away from overly complex ornamentation such as claw feet bathtubs and ornate fixtures. For your bathtub area, find a tub that can be installed directly on the floor. Avoid tubs with ornate bases or complicated designs.

For floor and wall treatments, use clean geometric patterns. You can go with triangles or squares as long it they look clean and polished. This design aesthetic should also carry over to your furnishings, your bathroom vanity as well as your countertop and sink. Good places to find clean looking furniture include a reputable bathroom showroom as well as flea markets, antique shops or even state sales. Pyramid patterns such as those found on the top of the Empire State building will also go well with the rest of your bathroom.

In terms of color, feel free to use blacks and whites liberally. While you are free to use other accent colors here and there, make sure not to go overboard. Other good color options include burgundy, gray and green. For a more European Art Deco approach, you can use pastel shades of blue and pink.

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