Asian Kitchen Design – Wood options

Posted on March 12, 2019

The kitchen is an important part of every home whether you have an open or a closed one. However, new structures and layouts of homes mean that most of them consist of open kitchen. When there is an open kitchen, it is necessary to ensure that it is well designed or it can ruin the beauty of the rest of the house.

So what kind of kitchen style do experts suggest? As the living standards of people have risen, some designers suggest that more people adopt an Asian style in their kitchen remodeling because it is easy to accomplish, blends in easily, and creates an environment of calmness and peace in the kitchen. What features do Asian kitchens have? Although most features are the same as any other kitchen, Asian designs offer something more zen. Perfect for open kitchens.

First of all, the bamboo wood is quite prevalent in most Asian themed kitchen remodeling projects. This wood is grown in Asia and is highly demanded externally so the export rate is very high. Being an export-quality wood, people are often ready to pay high amounts to get an Asian kitchen with bamboo wood. This wood can be used on floors, cabinets, or any other thing you want. Bamboo flooring is low maintenance and is slightly more resistant to water damage.

Either way, Asian kitchen remodeling can be done with other kinds of wood as well –such as cherry wood. This wood is also very durable and strong. However, it is mostly used in cabinets and not usually on floors. Many catalogues proved that the use of cherry wood in an Asian-styled kitchen makes it look very modern and is easy to integrate in your kitchen theme.

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