Avoiding NYC Bathroom Remodeling Scammers

Posted on May 22, 2019

If done right, NYC bathroom remodeling can go by easily and at a relaxing pace. However, whether or not you have an easy time remodeling your bathroom will depend on what kind of contractor you’ve got. A bad contractor can be your worst nightmare as they could lead to undesirable design, poor quality work that can cause problems in the future, or both. A bad contractor can actually lead to you spending more money to replace the work they have done. Before hiring a NYC bathroom remodeling company, you should remember the following tips.

  • Seek out referrals. If you know any friends or family members who have had their bathrooms remodeled then you would definitely benefit by asking them how they managed it and if they had a good contractor.
  • See if the contractor has any professional certificates or ask about their portfolio. Any contractor worth their salt will have a portfolio of their past work.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential NYC bathroom remodeling companies, you will have to dig even deeper by making a call to the Better Business Bureau just to make sure that there aren’t any unresolved issues regarding that contractor. It would also be a very good idea to double check some of their references. It is easy for contractors to make fake references. If you can actually find a reference willing to talk about their experience with the company, try asking them the following questions.

  • Did you like their work?
  • Would you hire them again?
  • Did they deviate from their agreement in any way?
  • Were they easy to communicate with?
  • Did they finish their work?

You should also be cautious of NYC bathroom remodeling deals that seem too good to be true. There are contractors out there who are particularly good at selling themselves but not really good at delivering results. Be sure to get every agreement in writing as this will make it legally binding.

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