Basic approach the bathroom remodeling

Posted on February 5, 2019

Given the bathrooms complexity, it is not surprising to learn that most people don’t think of it as a top priority when it comes to home remodeling. And those that do make plans to remodel the bathroom are usually taken by surprise when they realize what they have to deal with. Here are the basic considerations to handle when making bathroom remodeling plans.


For every square foot of space you have in your bathroom, ventilation fans should provide at least one cubic foot of air per minute. If you got a fifty square foot bathroom, a 50cfm fan should do just fine. For larger spaces, it would be better to get two separate fans rather than one big one; one for the shower, the other for the toilet.


Majority of home accidents happen in the bathroom. Slick surfaces that are in constant contact with water is quite risky. Be sure to include anti-slip flooring solutions in your bathroom remodeling plans. Use rounded countertop edges rather than sharp corners. For extra safety, include grab bars strategically situated around the bathroom.


To create a relaxing atmosphere, be sure to install proper overall lighting around the bathroom as well as task lighting by the mirror. Reduce shadows by placing lights behind or around medicine cabinets and mirrors. You can use frosted glass to minimize glare. If you have the option to include natural sunlight in the bathroom, try to incorporate as much of it as you can.


Poor bathroom layout leads to diminished space. E.g. doors too close to the toilet or sink, knees hitting the shower enclosure as you use the toilet, etc. Be sure to keep adequate space within your bathroom as a crowded bathroom is the last thing you want to end up with.

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