Basic Information on Bathroom Vanities

Posted on April 12, 2019

Nearly all NYC bathroom remodeling plans involve getting a new vanity. These are commonly sold alongside a counter. You have a choice of buying premade ones or you could get one custom built. They are available in numerous designs and styles ranging from modern minimalist to traditional chic.

There was a time when all vanities would be made with ceramic. This was because they were easy to install, durable, and blended in easily with most designs. One more bonus was that it could be easily repaired since if a tile broke, you only had to replace that one tile. The reason ceramic is not as popular as it used to be is because of mold accumulation in the grout and the limited designs. Modern NYC bathroom remodeling plans normally call for more solid surfaced materials for vanities.

Two currently popular materials to use for vanities in modern NYC bathroom remodeling are granite and marble. They are both ideal for the bathroom because both are durable and hygienic. The one drawback to them, however, is that small cracks can be difficult to repair.

There are several other materials that are used for vanities each one with their own advantage and this advantage.


Slightly expensive but it is a non-porous material that resists mold, moisture, and stains, and is also easy to clean. It is, however, prone to heat damage.

Plastic laminate

Water resistant and cheap, plastic laminate is also available in several designs. However, it is prone to heat and scratch damage and water must be wiped immediately otherwise it may seep.


Elegant, classy, and unique, wood countertops provide an unparalleled sophistication to your bathroom. However, it is expensive and will require maintenance.

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