Basics Of Design And Construction

Posted on February 21, 2019

If you are looking to have a structure built, you might want to consider going with a design and build form as opposed to one that offers traditional construction processes. An innovative design and delivery method for construction design-build construction offers a number of advantages over traditional construction methods and processes.

Most construction projects employ the design-bid-build model, in which the responsibility for the building’s design is assigned to an architect. The design is then presented for bidding, with the contractor who makes the winning bid being awarded the project. In design build construction on the other hand, the entire project is handled by a single firm. This firm will be responsible for every aspect of the building construction from the design process all the way to the actual construction work through to completion and delivery.

There are two key characteristics of design build construction. Firstly, projects that employ such methods are usually a lot easier to manage, because there is only a single person to contact who is tasked with the design and construction of the structure. Secondly, the responsibility for any errors and/or omissions in design is placed on the contractor rather than on the building owner, as it would be in design-bid-build construction projects.

In order for design build construction to work, all parties involved should be completely aware of and understand their roles in the project. Managed properly, design-build offers a number of distinct advantages to both building owner and contractor, not the least of which is a shorter construction period. Because only a single entity is responsible for the design and build part of the process, it is possible to begin construction even before the completion of the final design.  The process also provides a more cost-effective method of construction and delivery, given the ease in which everyone involved can coordinate with one another.

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