Bathroom Lighting Techniques

Posted on May 17, 2019

How your bathroom is lit can significantly affect your level of comfort and how it looks aesthetically. While many people don’t think too much of bathroom lighting, it is such a crucial factor in your bathroom’s functionality that lighting should be given as much consideration as walls and flooring. If you visit a bathroom showroom, you’d see dozens of lighting options designed for just about every corner of your bathroom. If you want lighting fixtures that are timeless and universal, focusing on key areas of your bathroom is important. If you’re not quite sure what would work for you, then you might want to take note of the following things:

Vanity Lighting

Installing a vanity in your bathroom would be useless if it doesn’t have proper lighting. Sconces are great for this purpose, as they are wall-mounted and the height can be adjusted according to your specifications. However, you don’t always have to stick to sconces for vanities, you can also opt for pendant lights. You can install one on each side or just install one in the middle of the vanity.

Shower Lighting

Too many people forget to add lighting in their showers so you end up with a bright bathroom but a dark shower area. There are many waterproof lighting options; some showers even come with built-in lights already. You can also opt to install lights in bathroom niches or install a waterproof sconce on your shower wall. You can visit a bathroom showroom to check out your lighting options for shower areas.

Natural Light

Most bathrooms are dark even in the morning, as few have access to natural lighting. If you have a window in your bathroom, you might want to make it bigger so you won’t have to turn on your lights in the morning. You can use blinds to cover it or use a special kind of tint so you can still keep your privacy while being able to let light in during the mornings.

Visiting a bathroom showroom can give you inspiration if you don’t have a particular lighting option in mind yet. You’d be surprised at how much improvement a few changes in lighting fixtures can make in your bathroom.

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