Bathroom Necessities for a Newly Remodeled Bathroom

Posted on September 6, 2019

Have you recently finished planning for your bathroom remodeling project? So you’ve just finished picking out new wall treatments and fixtures. You’ve also picked out a new sink, toilet and bathroom vanity? If you think you’ve got everything covered, then you might be surprised that you’ve forgotten a few key items to help give your bathroom a polished and finished look. Visit a good bathroom showroom and you might see what you’re missing out on. Here are a few bathroom necessities that you should never forget.

A Good Towel Set

If you have a thing for color coordination, then a good coordinated towel set is the perfect item for you. If you have picked good colors for your wall and tile treatments, why should your towels get left behind? Pick matching towels and hand towels that mirror or complement the rest of the color scheme in your bathroom. Look at a display in a good bathroom showroom or even a clipping from a home design magazine and you will see that they often contain towels that look complement the rest of the bathroom. While this seems like an insignificant detail, this is a design secret that the average homeowner might not know about.

A Good Bathmat

Along with your towels, your bathmat should also reflect the design scheme you used in the rest of your bathroom. You can be creative when picking your bathmat. If you went for a rustic theme, then you can pick a bathmat with a similar design. If you want an outdoors look in your indoor bathroom, you can also opt for a bathmat that looks like a patch of grass.

Appropriate Shower Curtains

You should also pick shower curtains that will go well with your bathroom. You can choose a shower curtain that blends right into the room or a shower curtain with a loud design that can serve as an interesting focal point in the room.

These are just a few items that you can use to give your bathroom a finished appearance like the bathrooms you see in a bathroom showroom. Other items that you can use to add depth and texture to your bathroom include trash cans, plungers and even toilet brushes.

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