Bathroom Organization

Posted on March 26, 2019

Cluttered shelves, wet towels, dirty shower curtains, and bottles of shampoo and conditioner on top of the toilet can give one quite a headache in the morning. Nothing can ruin a good night’s rest more than going inside a messy and dirty bathroom and when you’re in a hurry to leave the house in the morning, you’ll likely add to the existing mess and come home to an even messier bathroom. If this is what your mornings (and evenings) are like, then maybe it’s time to consider de-cluttering your bathroom and adding some storage to keep the clutter to a minimum. If you’re undergoing bathroom remodeling, discuss all the possible storage options for your bathroom so you can maximize your existing space and storage.  Below are some useful tips for bathroom organization:

Bathroom Niches

Whether you want to add some niches on a bare wall outside the shower or you want to add some right inside the shower, niches offer great shelving solutions. Since they are recessed, they don’t take up much space and you don’t risk hitting your head into them or bumping into them when you’re in a hurry. It’s best to have them done by a bathroom remodeling expert since they entail wall modifications. You can also have lights installed in these niches to light up the space.

Use Your Walls

If you don’t have that many drawers or cabinets in your bathroom, take advantage of your empty walls for organizing your bathrooms. Install wall-mounted storage like make-up containers for your brushes and makeup essentials so you can easily reach them. Toiletries dispensers are also lifesavers. Install one dispenser each for essentials like shampoos, conditioners, and body wash. Dispensers are useful for minimizing clutter especially in the shower.

Utilize the Back of Cabinet Doors

That empty space at the back of bathroom cabinet doors can provide a lot of extra storage. Just add cabinet racks that can be mounted so you can make space for other bathroom essentials. If you have one large cabinet in your bathroom, you can add a rack to accommodate cleaning essentials like mops, kitchen towels, or extra toilet paper. Storing cleaning supplies in the bathroom will allow you to clean as you go so you won’t have to come home to a dirty bathroom after a tiring day at work.
There are tons of other bathroom organization solutions that you can add to your bathroom and they need not cost you so much money. Consult a bathroom remodeling expert about this so you both can work on finding the best storage for your bathroom.

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