A Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Posted on February 11, 2019

Planning a bathroom remodel project soon? Whether this is your first time or you are a seasoned bathroom veteran, getting organized is essential to doing a proper job. Here is a short checklist of some of the most essential tasks involved in bathroom remodeling.

Get everything ready

Before you begin, make sure that you have everything you need on hand. Things can get very cluttered and disorganized very quickly, and having everything on hand will help keep your task more manageable. This might require ordering large and heavy items several weeks beforehand. Get organized right from the start, and it will be easier to stay organized through to the project’s completion.

Take stock of your options

In some cases, the fixtures and/or materials that you want may not be available when you are ready to begin your bathroom remodel job. Depending on your timetable, you may have to resort to alternative materials and fixtures just so you can get the project started. If the unavailability of certain items or materials is causing a bottleneck, check out alternative options in your local home builder’s depot. You may find something that is cheaper and works just as well, and better still, something you can use right away.

Make sure you have sufficient storage

Storage something that most people do not have enough of, so plan for this right at the start. If you are limited for space, consider creative ideas for shelving that will help you reclaim precious space. You can opt for hanging shelves for example, which will give you more storage options in an area that you wouldn’t have been able to use otherwise. Also look into your options in recessed storage, which give you all the benefits of a shelf or cabinet without eating up into the little space that you have left.

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