Bathroom Remodel Considerations

Posted on February 5, 2019

Planning a bathroom remodel? There are many ways by which you can liven up the appearance of your bathroom and enhance its functionality and flow. Here are a few tips

Consider your color palette

The quickest way to enhance–and even change–the look of your bathroom is to repaint it. When doing so, it is a good idea to consider your color palette carefully. Don’t just automatically pick out “cool” or “cold” colors like so many designers do. A bathroom can turn too dark and drab looking with an overly cool color palette, so add some splashes of bright color to warm it up.

Plan for your space limitations

Unfortunately, most of us will have to deal with the limitations of a small bathroom, but there are ways to get around this when you bathroom remodel. Mirrors have traditionally been used to produce an illusion of more space, and they can still be amazingly effective. You might also want to consider recessed storage and lighting in order to maximize the available space even more.

Be creative…but within reason

Exercise your creativity by all means but always keep the bathroom’s functionality in mind first and foremost. While that antique bureau might look good in your bathroom, consider the effect that moisture and humidity will have on its finish as well as how much space it will take up. Bathroom design is as much about function as it is about form, so plan your bathroom remodel project accordingly.

Invest in a few luxury items but don’t go overboard

A few well-chosen luxury pieces and fixtures might be just the things to liven up your bathroom design, but it is too easy to go overboard. Try to go for accent pieces that complement the rest of your design rather than large, bulky pieces that are easily damaged and will likely look out of place.

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