Bathroom Remodeling: Adding a Touch of the Orient

Posted on October 19, 2019

The bathroom is often the most underrated but useful room in any household. People often take great pains to remodel their living rooms and their bedrooms but they often forgot about their bathrooms. However, the bathroom is a very personal space where you can do more than just bathe and groom yourself. It can also serve as a restful sanctuary where you can isolate yourself from the outside world even for just a few moments. If you want to turn your bathroom into an oasis of peace and relaxation, consider remodeling your bathroom with an Asian theme in mind.

Asian design has been becoming increasingly popular the past few years. In fact, it is easy to find Asian elements in a typical bathroom showroom these days. Shopping for Asian inspired fixtures is also very easy these days. Here are a few great ideas for adding a touch of the Orient in your bathroom.

Keep Things Simple

If you are lucky enough to find an Asian inspired display showcase at a good bathroom showroom, you will probably notice that the Asian aesthetic values simplicity over anything else. Keep your lines clean and polished. You should also keep this in mind when picking countertops, toilets, bathtubs, and shower enclosures.

Use Natural Elements

To touch up your Asian themed bathroom, feel free to bring in natural elements. This can be anything from natural stone tiles to laminate bamboo countertops. In addition to this, add accessories such as round stone pebbles and small indoor plants.

Asian Colors

For wall, ceiling, and floor colors, pick out clean, solid colors such as white, gray, or black. To keep things from getting monotonous, feel free to use bold colors such as red and green as accents. However, stick with solids and avoid complex patterns. Remember, simplicity is key.

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