Bathroom Remodeling for Accessibility

Posted on June 6, 2019

The design and layout of your bathroom remodeling will be heavily influenced by the people who will be using the bathroom. For certain families, accessibility and ease of use is given serious consideration. A good rule to consider would be making the bathroom easy to use for all family members or occupants now and in the future. You must foresee if there is need for to make changes to accommodate to any possible limitations that may occur.

The bathroom design should be one that allows all family members to be able to enter the bathroom and use its facilities with absolute ease. Common implementations to such bathrooms include support bars placed strategically around the bathroom to prevent accidents.

Other things you can include in your bathroom remodeling plans would be a shower seat; adjustable showerhead with multiple settings; non-slip surfaces; or motion sensitive lighting. There are also specific kinds of fixtures that were designed with the handicapped in mind such as pedal mounted controls that can be used with ease by those bound by a wheelchair.

For the mirrors in your bathroom remodeling plans, you can use adjustable mirrors that can be tilted in different directions. Not only do these accommodate those bound by wheelchairs but they can also improve the overall bathroom design.

There are faucet handles that have a wide ergonomic grip that can be easily used by anyone. These would go nicely within walk-in showers and walk-in tubs. Speaking of tubs, you may want to alter your bathroom design to have bathtub fixtures located on the sides of the tub to be able to adjust the water settings with ease.

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