Bathroom Remodeling NYC: Small Changes, Big Results

Posted on September 13, 2018

Those of you with bathroom remodeling ideas normally have some notion of what your bathroom can look like. One good way to go about this is to do some research on Bathroom remodeling NYC so you can see what kind of work you can have done.

The most important things to take into consideration would be the space available to you and how to make the bathroom functional while still retaining aesthetic appeal. Take note that implementing large fixtures can hamper the visual appeal of your bathroom and may make your bathroom constrained.

Toilets & Baths

Changing the kind of toilet you have in your bathroom can do wonders to maximizing the available space. The color of the toilet will have a dramatic effect as well so try to talk about good bathroom remodeling ideas or themes with your bathroom remodeler.

Changing your shower arguably has the biggest effect in a bathroom. One great way to make your bathroom seem larger would be to remove shower curtains and replace them with glass. Even stained glass works wonders with this illusory effect.


To truly maximize your bathroom space, choose a sink that perfectly complements your bathroom. The better your sink blends in with the overall feel of your bathroom, the less space it will take. Sinks come in nearly countless forms and can have numerous storage options as well. Matching ergonomic cabinets with a sink will not only enhance the theme of your bathroom but it will provide a neat space to keep your bathroom free of any clutter.

Decorating walls

What you do with your walls can make your bathroom more relaxing and seem larger at the same time; this is especially true if you can add a window in the right location. Changing the color of your walls or switching to different tiles will help encourage whatever new theme you and your bathroom remodeler are trying to enforce.

It would be best to talk with your bathroom remodeling NYC contractor about how to design your walls. Be specific about what sort of theme you are going for and make sure to discuss your available options. Experts at bathroom remodeling services normally have a portfolio to show you different themes and all sorts of ways to design bathroom walls.


Lighting would be the cheapest and smallest change you can do for your bathroom but it can have impressive results. Lighting affects mood and perception so changing this means you can change the whole atmosphere of your bathroom. Adding light to strategic locations around your bathroom will have truly noticeable changes in your bathroom.

Accents & Fixtures

Any knowledgeable Bathroom remodeling NYC expert will tell you that fixtures, even seemingly inconsequential ones, will breathe new life into your bathroom. Changing the soap basins, shower knobs, or even the tissue holders in the bathroom can change the surrounding atmosphere making the bathroom more welcoming to its occupant.

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