Bathroom Renovation Dos and Don’ts

Posted on August 23, 2019

We all have that dream home in mind. We visualize how the living room would look like, how the bed room should define us as individuals, and how the bathroom would be so huge and comfortable that it would seem like a spa! However, when you are living in an urban community like New York, having spacious bathroom dreams can be difficult to achieve; hence, most of the time, people stick to practicality. From time to time, bathroom renovation becomes necessary, especially when you need to maximize the use of a small space for a bathroom. However, bathroom renovations can be very challenging especially when there are limitations to consider. So to help you prepare before you makeover your bathroom, here are some dos and don’ts you must take note of:

  • DO: Include the unexpected to your overall budget – Always prepare for unexpected shower leaks, breaks in the tiling, or running toilet. Even the most organized contractors would tell you that issues will inevitably surface later on. You need to take these possibilities into consideration as early as you can in order to avoid unnecessary spending later on.
  • DON’T: Be too cost-conscious when it comes to hiring professionals – A lot of people try hard to follow DIY procedures not knowing that although it saves them some expenses, it may actually cost them more in the future, especially when things are not done properly. The bathroom is one of the few spaces in the house, which you want to last as long as possible. Hence, hiring professional designers is a good idea as you would want someone who not only knows the ins and outs of house remodeling and renovations, but can also assure you that everything is done right.
  • DO: Give the toilet a more private space – May it be a divider, a half wall, or a fixture, always try to hide this part of the bathroom in order to keep both its functionality and sophistication despite a very limited space.
  • DON’T: Rush the renovation – Remember that saying, you cannot rush art? It applies when you want your renovation to turn out as nicely as you want it to be. Rushing the renovation may only cause you unnecessary cost overruns that is a hassle to deal with especially when you have spent enough initially for materials and designer fees. Do not rush good work – unless you are okay with substandard.

Bathrooms are one of the most important features of the house. Renovating this space requires a lot of planning and preparation; part of which, is understanding what and what not to do in order to make things right and working properly.

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