Bathroom Showrooms and Showerheads

Posted on January 25, 2019

In these times, bathrooms have become not only a place to get clean but also place to relax. In days before, a person would spend a minimal amount of time in their bathroom doing only necessary things like showering. Today, however, bathrooms have become so modern that they can include luxurious items like televisions or even home spas. One item that has seen constant improvement since it was first introduced is the shower head.

Showerheads are constantly improved to offer new solutions to cleaning, water preservation, and comfort. Traditional showerheads are still available and a visit to a local bathroom showroom will show you all the different kinds of showerheads available in today’s market. Along with the traditional spray style showerhead you will find new twists on basic showerhead designs.

The basic design of the showerhead is determined by one dominant thing, the showerhead is either handheld or fixed. Fixed showerheads, as the name would imply, are mounted on the wall and may come with an extended arm for aim. Handheld showerheads on the other hand come with a flexible tube and can be used to reach different areas of your body with greater aim. Handheld showers are ideal for giving kids or pets baths.

You will see both types in any bathroom showroom along with many innovations to their design. They usually have different water spray systems and can be adjusted to spray mist or one strong flow of water. Several showerheads have multiple features; a common rule of thumb is that the more features a showerhead has, the more it will cost.

And then you have dual showerheads which tend to have stronger water pressures. There are many varied designs of dual showerheads. The common ones include both a fixed showerhead and a handheld showerhead. This kind of design allows anybody to adjust pressure in either showerheads creating a multitude of effects. You also have the option to shut off one showerheads and leave the other one running to save on water.

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