Bathroom Surface Information

Posted on April 12, 2019

People who make NYC bathroom remodeling plans have a lot to handle and the tendency is to address only the biggest issues about their bathroom. It is common to overlook simple things like the slippery nature of your surface. This is especially true if you have ceramic tiles. Other than being appealing to our eyes, the bathroom surface should also be able to resist water and be easy to maintain.

Safety should be a top priority when making NYC bathroom remodeling plans. Majority of people are barefoot in the bathroom so it should definitely have a surface with good traction.  Be wary, polishing the tiles may look nice but it makes the bathroom a bit more dangerous, especially for children and the elderly. When picking out tiles, do not choose, marble, granite, ceramic, etc. without also applying gripping agents on the floor.

For purposes of comfort, you should also avoid floor materials that are rough. Another thing to consider would be dense floor materials since they have a tendency of being too cold to the touch.

It is imperative to make sure that the entire surface of your bathroom resists moisture. This is to avoid any kind of damage on your floorboards and main foundation. Be sure to properly seal every corner of your bathroom. Commonly missed areas include showers, toilets, and tubs. To keep moisture relatively low in your bathroom, be sure to include proper ventilation in your NYC bathroom remodeling.

You should set a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule for your bathroom. Grout must be resealed on occasion to avoid stains and other forms of damage. One trick to conceal damage on the floor is to set tiles in a set pattern to make damage harder to spot.

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