Bathroom Tiling: 4 Simple Reminders

Posted on June 12, 2019

When tackling the likes of a bathroom remodeling project, it is necessary to remember these important rules for tiling. Though not all of them can be implemented for every bathroom renovation, it would still be in your best interests to keep these rules in mind.


This one is the most obvious. But the most important thing to keep in mind are the pieces around corners and edges. All the borders should have tiles of the same size to ensure a clean look.  If you want to use different sized tiles for your bathroom remodeling, then it would be a good idea to use the same sized tiles on the opposite side.


When dealing with a lot of tiles, you will inevitably have to cut them all to the necessary sizes. However, it would be in your best interests to cut the tiles to anything between full sized ones to half size. Cutting it any smaller makes them unappealing and difficult to manage.

One good trick to ensure tiles will always fit is to be wary when you are close to the wall or a corner. At about 50 centimeters from the wall, see how the tiles will fit, if they don’t fit right, you can make very slight changes within the gaps between them to ensure that they fit properly.


As was previously mentioned, you may have to cut your tiles at one point during your bathroom remodeling. Keep cutting to a minimum as full tiles look much better once everything is done.


You will want to place the full sized tiles in the most seen areas or the focal points. The cut tiles should be placed around areas the eye does not normally see if you can help it. Never placed cut tiles in the center of your floor or wall.

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