Bathtubs With Doors

Posted on March 6, 2019

Bathtubs that come equipped with doors are known more popularly as walk-in tubs. These kinds of tubs are growing in popularity and it is increasingly finding itself in many NYC bathroom remodeling plans. Partly responsible for the trend is the awareness of safety in the bathroom, especially for those with limited physical capabilities like the elderly or the handicapped.

Other than the obvious safety benefits, walk-in tubs also offer a relaxing soaking experience and works as a great alternative to regular bathtubs. Those of you who already have tubs but would like to switch to a walk-tub need not get rid of their original tub, as there are ways to transform them into a walk-in tub.

With walk-in tubs, you will not have to awkwardly climb into the tub. There are also different designs available that determine the available positions you have in the tub. There are two choices when it comes these tubs; doors that swing inward and those that swing outward. Those that swing outward tend to cost more but in the event of an emergency, can be opened immediately without having to wait for the tub to drain.

Walk-in tubs have a tendency to be deeper than regular tubs so it offers an enhanced and more relaxing bath. Just like regular tubs, these also come with all the modern features that make bathing all the more pleasurable such as heaters, grip bars, jets, et cetera.

To see if it possible to convert your current tub into a walk-in tub, you will have to consult your NYC bathroom remodeling expert. One disadvantage, however, is that they may not be able to include the step in platform that allows easier access.

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