A Budget Friendly Nursery Makeover

Posted on November 29, 2018

Having a little tot around is always a joy to the heart. But aside from the joy of watching these little children run and play around the house, it is also fun preparing a nurturing spot for them in the apartment. Some say the nursery is the easiest part of the house to decorate; while other say it is the most difficult as you have all these crucial baby needs to consider. Difficult or not, making over a nursery for a new baby or a growing toddler can be a fun therapy for parents. However, decorating a nursery – with all the special furniture, equipment and the toys – can be very costly. Hence sometimes, it simply becomes a challenging feat for parents to undertake. But since we all want our children to have the best rooms we can give them, here are a few expert tips on how to makeover your baby’s nursery for less:

  1. Painting the walls can do a lot of difference – Applying a different color to a room instantly transforms its atmosphere and mood. A baby’s room needs to be a combination of calming and cheerful. Try bringing in some neutrals in the area where the baby sleeps, and incorporate bolder and brighter colors for the built in cabinets and ceiling. The neutral shades will help your kids to sleep soundly, while the brighter touches will rouse their learning and curiosity during playtime.
  2.  Refurbish a yard sale or consignment store dresser with new knobs and new paint – The home center is not the only place where you can find good baby furniture. There are lots of quality furniture you can find in yard sales and consignment stores. Check these places out and you may just find a piece that will go well in your baby’s room. Just buy some cute drawer handles to replace the old ones with, and try painting the dresser with a color that matches the theme or the nursery.
  3. Go DIY on personal touches – There are lots of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects all over the web – take advantage of these! There is probably nothing sweeter than reminding your child how special he or she is to you than by making some crocheted blankets or embroidered accents for the nursery. These elements will save you on the costs of decorations and will also make your little one’s nursery closer to your heart.

Remodeling any part of an apartment can really be very costly; and when you have children, you tend to be more practical that is why remodels are often become a challenge. However, there are many options on how to spend less for a beautiful remodel. So do not deprive your child with the chance to have a fun and beautiful room. Take these tips, and go make over the nursery for less than what you expect. Besides, it is always the thought and the effort that count. Your little tot will always love what you will come up with any other way.

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