Always Bumping into Things in the Kitchen? Here are Ways on How to Fix it with a Remodel

Posted on January 8, 2019

The kitchen is the busiest, and probably the most important part of the house. Aside from the fact that this is where we prepare hearty nourishment for ourselves and our families, this is also a place where people love hanging out together. For this reason, most apartment makeovers today involve crucial improvements in the kitchen; and one of the most common issues addressed is having a very tight kitchen where it is impossible not to bump to things and accidentally topple things over. Space is always an important consideration when remodeling homes; however, it becomes more crucial when it comes to kitchens considering the fact that it is the most hectic area in the house. So if you have been long concerned about the tightness of your kitchen space, here are some tips on how you can open it up through a kitchen remodel:

  1. Eliminate one of the walls and transform it into a counter opening up the kitchen to the next room – Just imagine connecting your kitchen to your living room by opening up one wall and adding a bar counter in there that will function both as a divider and connector of the two rooms. This will address the issue of space as it will allow other members of the household to stay on the other side of the wall while allowing them to still be involved in what is going on in the kitchen.
  2. Connect your kitchen to an exterior space – Similar to the previous tip, extending your kitchen to an exterior part of your apartment will create a bigger floor area for your kitchen, thus enlarging the space you and your family can move around in. Just imagine doing some cooking on the extended part of the kitchen and having the kids do the dishes in the interior part. You now can do these things on a larger space without having to bump shoulders and elbows every time you move. Amazing, right?
  3. Be realistic about your center island – While having a center island sure is a treat, it is not a reasonable and feasible addition to some homes. When doing a kitchen remodel, be realistic about the things you need to bring in and the things you need to let go of as well. If you are getting very concerned about the tight space of your kitchen, consider letting go of that kitchen island. It will open up your kitchen work space dramatically. Always remember that when working with a busy room like this, functionality comes before appearance. Hence, while having a center island in your kitchen sure looks classy, it may not be as sensible as you think so consider letting it go to open up the space.

Kitchen makeovers are not always about making the kitchen look good. It is actually more about making it more functional for you. Space is always a crucial consideration when making over a kitchen. So the next time you do a remodel, be sure to consider these ideas to make your kitchen more spacious and comfortable to work at.

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