Cast Iron Tubs

Posted on May 31, 2019

Remodeling a bathroom entails all sorts of decisions. If one of those decisions happens to be to get a cast iron tub, then you may actually have more things to think about as cast iron tubs have different maintenance requirements over regular tubs. Luckily for you, this article will touch on those things you will need to know.

Those of you who are including a cast iron tub in their bathroom remodeling plans are likely to be privy to their advantages. Your bathroom design will benefit from their uniquely rustic appeal that some people can’t get enough off and they are also quite durable, capable of resisting scratches that would scar any other material.

They are usually coated with enamel but keep in mind the enamel itself should also be scratch resistant. One thing you must know is that cast iron tubs are ideal for warmer surroundings as it takes them some time for them to heat up. Though once they are heated, it will sustain the heat better than other tubs.

If you plan on remodeling a bathroom that currently has a tub already, you may dabble on the idea of changing the location of your new tub. While it may possible look better, keep in mind that the pipes laid out for your original bathrooms location will have to be moved and this will require a whole lot of work. You may have to rip open the walls just to be able to move the tub’s location so you better think it through carefully if changing the tub’s location will be worth all that effort.

The most apparent difference from a regular tub to a cast iron tub is its maintenance requirements. Ordinary cleaners are not recommended and abrasive cleaners should be avoided altogether. But if maintained properly, a cast iron tub will last you a lifetime.

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