Choosing a Worktop for your NYC Kitchen Remodeling Part 3

Posted on May 21, 2019

In this final chapter of kitchen worktops, we will briefly discuss two more worktops that may work for your NYC kitchen remodeling.


Corian is composite worktop made of crushed stones, acrylic resin, and coloring pigments. Corian encourages warmer moods than granite and is also much easier to work with when it comes to forming different shapes.

Corian is ideal for NYC kitchen remodeling as it is easy to maintain and will not require any sealing. Stains or scratches can be buffed out and smooth corners allow for a more seamless contemporary look.

However, corian is quite pricy but you do get what you pay for. It will resist most impacts and is also very hard to stain. It is a hygienic material that is non-porous. This material is very flexible and can blend in any kind of kitchen design.

Corian substitute

Just as the name suggests, this material is a composite of natural stone and acrylic resin. These worktops can be bought off-the-shelf and are available in several sizes, shapes, and designs. Corian substitutes are ideal for DIY as they are easy to install. It is very similar to corian in many ways but is usually thinner.

While corian substitutes will not need sealing, it is prone to stains so make sure to wipe away any spills. These are normally good for NYC kitchen remodeling as they are also quite durable and will resist impact.

Since it is available off-the-shelf, you won’t have to worry about delivery so much and it is also much cheaper than corian. There are several designs and shapes to choose from so it is likely that you will find what you are looking for.

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