Classic Kitchen Design Trends

Posted on September 20, 2019

When it comes to choosing a kitchen design, it’s not always recommended to go for what’s trendy, especially when the trends involve bold colors and over-the-top designs that will likely go out of style in a few years or so. Creating a balance between classic elements and those that are trending now is best if you want to be able to come up with a kitchen design that you can live with and enjoy for years. If you’re undergoing kitchen renovation and you’re looking for new kitchen trends that have a lot of classic elements, below are three themes and designs that you cannot go wrong with:

Black and White

You can never go wrong with a black and white kitchen; it’s tasteful, timeless, and it goes with just about any style. Whether modern, contemporary, or a bit traditional, using black and white in your color scheme is certainly a great idea. For a less traditional kitchen design, why not go for black appliances, black countertops and keep everything else white? It’s rare to see black appliances in a kitchen but they’re tasteful in terms of design and they are certainly easier to clean.

Contemporary Kitchens

Modern kitchens are great but if you want the clean lines of a modern kitchen while still maintaining a sense of warmth in your kitchen, contemporary is better. In a contemporary kitchen, you can mix elements of various styles and integrate them to a more modern approach. If you want to update your kitchen’s style when undergoing kitchen renovation without going all-out modern, contemporary is a safe choice.

White with Touches of Wood

White is the perfect color for small spaces, as it can really make a space look bigger and brighter but sometimes, too much white can be overwhelming. Mix white countertops and walls with hardwood floors or wood furniture to add a touch of nature and warmth into an all-white kitchen.

Design is an important element of kitchen renovation so if you’re looking to update your kitchen, mixing classic pieces with modern elements can help you create a kitchen with a sleek and timeless design.

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