Colors for Your Kitchen

Posted on May 28, 2019

When making NYC kitchen remodeling plans, it is important to note that the kitchen has become the main gathering area in many homes. This is why choosing the right colors is as crucial to the success of your renovation as the decorations or fixtures that you choose. The color should match the mood of your kitchen — and if your family often gathers in the kitchen, then the atmosphere should encourage free flowing energy.

We all know that appliances are available in limited colors; Usually coming in white, silver, or black. You will have to compensate by adding splashes of color on other areas. A kitchen normally has little wall space, this makes the walls an ideal area to add bold colors without completely overwhelming your kitchen with this color.

Bold colors you may consider on the walls for your NYC kitchen remodeling can include Tuscan red, Copper, Burnt orange, or Chartreuse green just to name a few. You can use these colors in unexpected areas as well to really liven things up. Consider adding touches of bold colors to frame your sink or you could use a different shade of that color on your cabinets.

Keep in mind that it isn’t only strong bright hues that encourage good energy in a kitchen. There are some subtle colors that are warm and welcoming as well as energetic and stimulating that you can include in your NYC kitchen remodeling. Colors like Apricot, Chestnut red, or Sky blue are a few examples of such colors.

When working with colors, remember: contrast is key. Certain colors will complement others. It is very important that none of the colors in your kitchen clash or the kitchen will look off or unnerving on to a certain degree. This can be a bit tricky and you may want to consult an expert in order to do this properly.

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