Common Construction and Renovation Issues That You Can Actually Avoid

Posted on October 21, 2019

Home constructions are a huge endeavor not only because of the costs required in pulling off a successful build, but also because of the effort needed in maintaining the structure in a good condition. When building or renovating an apartment in New York City for example, the homeowner usually needs to be as involved as he or she can in order to make sure everything is done well considering the loss he or she may acquire given the high costs of properties in NYC. Homeowners and tenants in NYC condominiums will also attest to the fact the common observation that new does not always equate to being perfect. And considering the cost of labor and materials in urban neighborhoods like New York, people always  want to make sure everything is done properly in order to avoid spending more on repairs later on. The following are some common construction and renovation issues that most homeowners dread to experience:

Exterior leaks – Leaks are very common even among the most expensive apartments every built. The problem with leaks is that they are usually caused by cutting back on charges. The thing is, while roofing is actually one of the most important features in the house, people usually tend to cut back on roofing costs are there is a great charging difference between an insured roof installation service and one without warranty. The thing most homeowners miss is that roofing warranty is very important. Once moisture gets into the building’s protective envelope, exterior insulation and roofing there will be no way out.

Non-operational windows – Windows that do not work are also one of the most common construction defects. Professional architects would plan where to put windows according to many factors including possible blockages, sunlight trajectory as well as factors that might make it hard to operate the window locks. Problems with windows usually happen when homeowners fail to consult with a designer or an architect on where and how to put up windows.

Bad ventilation – A lot of homeowners complain about bad ventilation, which is actually caused by substandard alternatives for dedicated heaving and air conditioning equipment. A lot of homeowners try to cut back on electricity bills by using heat pumps that generate both air conditioning and heat. The problem with this is, the performance may inevitably get deficient as the machine does not have a specific function dedicated on either generating heat or air conditioning.

Inferior alternatives – The installation of substandard substitutes for important fixtures like flooring, roofing and wall paper, is one of the leading causes of housing issues. Once homeowners decide to cut on costs big time, some important functions may be inevitably taken for granted, thus sacrificing the quality of function and performance.

The construction and renovation will cost you a lot. One of the most important things you need to make sure of is to avoid future expenses due to nonetheless avoidable construction issues. Hopefully, this list gives you an idea. Make that construction a success and avoid unnecessary spending by anticipating these issues as early as you can. Make sure everything is done with appropriate preventive measures on possible construction defects.

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