Common Interior Design Issues to Avoid in Your Next Apartment Renovation

Posted on August 26, 2019

When buying a new house, it is very typical for home owners overlook some issues as they get overwhelmed by the dressed up look of the property for sale. When doing an apartment renovation on the other hand, it can also be difficult to foresee interior design issues especially when the home owner does not involve him or herself closely with the renovation. This is one of the reasons most designers recommend the home owners’ involvement as much as possible. Apartment renovation requires a considerable amount of effort and money from the home owner’s end. It is the designer’s obligation to not only ensure a well-designed house, but to also ensure that the output will meet their client’s expectations and investment. So if you are planning a home renovation soon, here are some interior design issues you would like to watch out for:

Underestimated and over-calculated space requirements – One of the most common problems home owners encounter is miscalculated space especially with bed rooms. Unfortunately, some designers fail to make the necessary interviews and research about their client’s family size and family members’ ages and interests. Some rooms turn out to be too small from growing up teens, while some would end up too big for children. It is crucial for home owners to make sure their designers understand the family members’ backgrounds and interests first before finalizing measurements.

Insufficient kitchen cabinet space – Most contemporary decorators and architect follow the minimalist style today. Minimalism is about not having too much clutter and big fixtures. This however, often results to insufficient cabinet space in the kitchen. Before meeting your interior decorator, make sure you have listed your non-negotiables when it comes to kitchen design or for any other parts of the house; and before allowing the decorator to finalize the plan, make sure you listened to him or her discuss it verbally so you know exactly what to expect.

Insufficient lighting – Today, one of the most important concerns when it comes to home renovations are lighting fixtures. Most home owners renovate their houses to incorporate more convenient and power-efficient lighting fixtures. Make sure that your architect’s plan includes both natural lighting and power-efficient lighting enough to make all corners of the house bright.

Renovating a house takes a great deal of fortune and effort. Having to encounter these issues later on can be very frustrating considering all the things you had to invest and all the effort you had to put for its completion. Make sure that your investment is worth it by taking note of these issues and avoiding it with through professional help.

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