Concerning Feng Shui and Your Kitchen

Posted on June 20, 2019

While there are people who would say Feng Shui is nonsense and wasteful, you can’t ignore the fact that certain arrangements of walls, doors, furniture, fixtures, décor, etc, can truly have an effect on a person. The kitchen is no exception, most people spend a lot of time planning their layout or design when making kitchen remodeling plans.

Feng Shui will help ensure that the layout of certain items in your kitchen design will not only be good for your spiritual well-being, but also be good on your eyes and work to make a functional room. Here are a few tips you may try out.

  • When working on your layout, do not have two doors facing each other. This also applies for refrigerator doors.
  • Your kitchen remodeling plans must include good lighting, spacious designs, and enforce a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Simplicity is key. Do not fill the kitchen with gadgets and kitchen equipment that is rarely used.
  • Be sure to have a proper area for waste disposal. This area must not be near doorways or in plain sight, but must still be within easy reach.
  • On your kitchen island, table, or windowsill, it would be a good habit to keep a bowl of fruit or a small plant to improve the atmosphere as well as uplift the energy of your kitchen.
  • Pick colors that encourage good health and makes for good kitchen design. For example: certain shades of the color yellow are known to help digestion.

Whether you believe in it or not, a poor kitchen design can be felt even on a subconscious level. You may not see what is wrong, but you’ll be able to feel it – Just like looking at tacky clothing, it could be made of good material and sewn together by experienced tailors, but it still leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you look at it.

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