Construction Management–Essential For A Successful Project

Posted on March 10, 2019

If you’ve been paying any attention at all to developments in the construction industry in recent years, you may have become aware of the rise of a seemingly new field of specialization called “construction management”. Seemingly a ubiquitous aspect of large scale construction jobs, CM is also increasingly employed in smaller scale projects as well.

But what is construction management exactly and what benefits does it provide? More importantly, how would you know if your planned construction project will benefit from the services of a construction manager?

Construction management basically involves dealing with every aspect of a construction project from start to finish. Many general contractors offer construction management as a standard service, either performing the role of construction manager themselves or keeping a construction manager under his employ. Building owners who assign a general contractor to the project may also hire a third party construction manager or assume the role themselves.

The role of the construction manager is vast and varied. He is expected to oversee every aspect of the project, ensuring that the day-to-day tasks are completed and that everything proceeds according to schedule. It is the job of the construction manager to ensure that all the teams involved are aware of their specific roles and tasks in the project and that they have everything they need for the job.

An important aspect of construction management is ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget. This involves working closely with the design and construction team and exploring the different options available in materials and processes. The end goal is a structure that meets the owner’s expectations and conforms to building codes and standards while remaining within budgetary constraints.

So how do you determine whether you need a construction manager or not? Basically, if you have the time and capability to perform all the above mentioned tasks, you might be able to do away with a construction manager and assume the role yourself. Otherwise, you just might find the construction manager an essential addition to your team.

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