Creative Options In Bathroom Tiles

Posted on February 7, 2019

Bathroom tiles can change the look and feel of your bathroom considerably–perhaps more so than any other element. Apart from the traditional ceramic, there are many other options in affordable bathroom tiles that look good and work great. Here are some ideas that may be a bit off the beaten path.

Subway tiles

If you are going for a more spare and spartan look, subway tiles are a great way to go. These will give you a clean and very modern look and feel that is the perfect blank canvas for further creative exploration.


Stone is a great choice for bathroom tiles because it is so durable and it looks great when cut into tiles. Stone is also quite versatile, and usually comes in larger sizes than standard tiles, making it easy to cover wide floor spaces. Some materials to consider are marble, granite and slate.


Glass might be worth considering if you are designing for a home where pets and children are non-issues. These are probably the most fragile types of bathroom tiles on the market, but they can make your bathroom look pretty impressive. Newer designs combine glass with stone or metal, providing innovative tiling solutions that combine the best of all elements.


Mosaic is a costly option and it can take a long time to do properly. Once installed however, there is no denying that it looks pretty impressive. If you are looking for a tiling option that will truly take your bathroom design to a whole new level, a professionally-rendered mosaic floor will get you there.

When choosing bathroom tiles, equal consideration should be given to function and aesthetic appeal. Keep your specific needs in mind but don’t be afraid to get a little bit creative. Weigh your options and trust your instincts, and your bathroom tiles should look great!

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