Creative Replacements for Your Lackluster Headboards

Posted on December 14, 2018

Some bedrooms are too well-designed that the moment you enter, you instantly feel the desire to just rest and enjoy the peacefulness of your private place. However, some tend to be a little dull to achieve that effect. There are many factors that make your private harbor in the house dull and uninteresting. It could be the monotonous pink or blue situation, the lack of color, or your dreary headboard. The bed is the focal point of your room. This is what the bedroom is about, hence, you need to make it the most interesting element in this room. And regardless if you have the best set of sheets from the home center, if your headboard is dull, you will not achieve the remarkable effect that you want. So, are you tired of that outdated headboard? Ready for a new one? Here are a few creative ideas on what you can replace it with:

  1. Creative paint work – For homeowners with very small apartments and tight budgets, this is probably the best idea for a headboard alternative. Aside from being budget friendly, paint also allows you the most creative control. You may simply paint a border (resembling the outline of a headboard) according to the specifications of your bed, and paint the inside with a different, catchy color. Be sure to match coordinate the colors properly though.
  2. Repurposed wood – May it be a beautiful palette of wood or some drift wood you got from your grandmother’s backyard, it can turn into a creative piece of headboard through creativity and imagination. Wood is always a beautiful element to incorporate in your room. Aside from being inexpensive (as you can recycle it), wood also brings you closer to nature, which helps make the room’s ambience more relaxing.
  3. Sports gear – Treat that sportsman in you by making your bed closer to where you passion is by incorporating your sport into the headboard. Some repurpose old skateboards and surfboards by putting them together (side-by-side) as one huge board. You may also blow up a picture of the logo/mascot of your favorite soccer or basketball team, have it framed and use as your sporty headboard. You may also ask someone to make a quilt of your sports shirts and pin it up the wall on top of your bed.

It is only fitting that you make the most private part of your apartment closer to your passion and interests. While it sure is good that you have a headboard, you cannot settle for a boring one. Your bed should be the most remarkable item in your room, so do not take your headboard for granted. With some creativity and resourcefulness, you can easily replace that dull headboard with a more memorable one. These ideas will get you started. Look around, see what you have, and go start on that creative headboard project!

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