Creative Tips on How to Conceal the Television in your Living Room

Posted on December 18, 2013

Having a state-of-the-art flat screen, LED television is something people should be proud of today. If you have one in your apartment, you will definitely be showing it off in your living room, right? However, no matter how great it is to have a flat screen television displayed in the living area, sometimes, it just does not fit well with the theme or motif of the room. Hence, instead of contributing to the overall aesthetics, it could even end up being an awkward element in there. For this reason, a lot of homeowners have resorted to creative ways on hiding their television. Some hid it inside a cabinet, which only opens when they need to watch some TV; while some mounts it on an equipment in the ceiling, which lowers it down by remote control just when the family needs some television. So if you are doing a living room remodel, and is on a dilemma on what to do with the television when it is not in use, here are a few creative ideas you can consider:

  1. Art panels – If your living room is all about artsy elements and accent pieces, then this option is great for you. This also appears to be the easiest way on how you can do this without having to go leaps and bounds in terms of the electronics just to hide the TV when it is not are use. You could go for a simple art panel that will conceal your TV artistically for a while, and will reveal it through a press of a button when the family needs it. This is a great trick if your TV is on the all or on top of a fireplace.
  2. Mirrors – When doing apartment remodels, mirrors are always a favorite element due to how they create an illusion of added space by diffusing light all over the room. Moreover, there sure is a vain in all of us that will always love mirrors, right? Mirrors are also a great way to hide the TV. Technology today actually allow concealing the TV as a mirror and then instantly turning it as a television when needed to be used.
  3. Sliding doors – This is another creative and simple way to hide a TV. You can use the sliding door mechanism to conceal the TV that is in between built-in cabinets in the living room. While this is a more manual way of doing it in comparison to the two previously mentioned tricks, it will still allow you to creatively conceal your television.

Some living room remodels would mean purchasing a new television; however for some, it also means having to conceal it. The television is a great investment, but sometimes, entertainment come on a whole new other level when your house has the capacity to conceal the TV and reveal it when the family needs some TV bonding time.

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