Dealing with Bathroom Lighting

Posted on October 25, 2019

Good lighting is an essential component of a modern bathroom. Consider the fact that most people spend a lot of time grooming in a bathroom. This includes anything from applying make up to shaving. Without proper lighting, applying make up is close to impossible and shaving can easily turn into a dangerous task. To make grooming both easier and safer, make sure that you have enough light in your bathroom. Aside from practical reasons, good lighting can also serve an aesthetic purpose. Even if you plan on spending a lot of money for bathroom remodeling, all of your efforts planning the perfect bathroom vanity or picking out the best tiles can go to waste if you can’t see your handiwork properly. Here are a few great tips you can use to shed light on the problem of keeping your bathroom well lit.

Use the Right Light Bulbs for the Job

Different light bulbs will have different properties. What may work for your ceiling may not work as well for your vanity. As a general rule of thumb however, choose light bulbs that give off natural looking light. This is especially important for women who will be using the bathroom to apply makeup.

Keep your Vanity Area Well Lit

The bathroom vanity should be the best-lit area in the entire room. This is where people brush their teeth or shave so visibility is paramount. Make sure that there are no dark spots or shadows in the vanity area so you can go about grooming with ease.

Add Accent Lighting for Maximum Effect

Ambience is very important in the bathroom. Imagine taking a nice long dip in the tub with bathroom lighting that encourages rest and relaxation. You can do this by adding wall lights of even cove lighting for your ceiling.

There are many ways to light up your bathroom when dealing with bathroom remodeling depending on the layout of your bathroom as well as your budget. If you want more ideas on how to light up your bathroom, visiting a bathroom showroom might be a good idea.

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