Deciding on a Kitchen Layout

Posted on July 6, 2019

If you’ve decided to make kitchen remodeling plans, then you are likely thinking about your layout. While some people choose to keep their original layout, a great majority of people often chooses to change it. There are various layouts to choose from but how will you know for sure if you would be comfortable using a certain layout – especially if you cannot see it for yourself.

To help choose a layout for your kitchen remodeling, it would be helpful to visit a NYC kitchen showroom as they normally have different kitchen layouts on display. This will give you more information than any magazine or contractor ever could, as you will be able to walk around in the kitchen and see for yourself if it works for you.

Here are a few examples of kitchen layouts commonly found in NYC kitchen showrooms:

Single wall

In this layout, every major kitchen fixture is kept on one side of the wall. If you see it for yourself in a kitchen showroom, you’ll notice that it is ideal for smaller kitchens. The workflow is unimpeded and it is also cheaper than most other layouts.


Most, if not all, NYC kitchen showrooms will have this type of layout on display. It employs the tried-and-true kitchen triangle and is ideal for small families.


This layout also maintains the kitchen triangle and works for both small and large kitchens. A kitchen island may or may not be present; it depends on the size of the kitchen.

These are but a few examples of layouts that you may find in a kitchen showroom. You will undoubtedly get a better feel for each layout if you get the chance to see it for yourself in a kitchen showroom as you will be able to walk around in it.

Visit KBR‘s NYC kitchen showroom or our NYC bathroom showroom at 250 Fifth Avenue, suite 200 New York, NY to get some ideas for your kitchen renovation or bathroom remodeling.

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