How to Design a Bedroom that is As Conducive to Rest As it is to Waking Up

Posted on September 26, 2019

Sometimes, the most difficult part of the day is waking up. Even when you’ve had a full night’s rest, getting up early at will or even waking up when you hear the alarm ringing can be extremely difficult especially if you’re not a morning person. Even if you live in New York, which is often called “the city that never sleeps”, waking up in the morning can be pretty tough. There are ways to make it easier for you, starting by redesigning your bedroom to make it more conducive not just for rest but also for waking up in the morning. Below are a few tips:

Let in Some Natural Light

There’s nothing as efficient as daylight in letting your body know it’s time to wake up. So if you have a choice of where to place your bedroom in your New York apartment, choose the one with the most windows. If you’re worried about privacy, there are several window treatment options that you can choose to keep your privacy when you need it but let natural light in without you having to stand up to let in the light yourself. You can use smart glass for your windows. This type of glass doesn’t only allow the user to control how much heat goes into the house but also how much light passes through the glass. Some can be tinted with just a flick of a button so you’ll have adequate privacy when you need it without the use of window treatments. If smart glass is a bit of splurge for you, you can opt for motorized window blinds that you can control remotely. Whatever window treatment you choose, the most effective way to wake up in the morning is to let as much natural light in.

Opt for Brighter Bedroom Colors

If your New York apartment doesn’t have much access to natural light, make sure that you choose only bright colors for your bedroom. The problem with dark colors is that they do very little to wake you up in the morning. So opt for bright colors like yellow, orange, pink, or plain white is also good. If you have at least one window, it’s crucial to choose a paint color that is able to distribute light much more efficiently. Keeping your bedroom bright will most certainly help you wake up in the morning.

Once you’ve fixed your bedroom, you should also make sure that everything else in your New York apartment makes it easy for you to get the day started. Simple things like making sure the coffee maker is cleaned at night so you can easily prepare coffee in the morning or allocating a reading or lounging space where you can relax for a few minutes before you start your day can help make everything easier in the morning.

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