The Design And Build Process–Changing The Face Of Modern Construction

Posted on February 26, 2019

Design and build construction is fast becoming the norm in an industry where efficiency and cost effectiveness are valued highly. The term for an innovative construction delivery model that is actually rooted in traditional construction processes from centuries past, design-build is a commonly accepted practice in modern-day construction, despite having fallen out of favor for many years. For building owners who are looking for ways to make the construction process faster, more efficient, and less costly, design build construction offers a feasible alternative to standard means of construction.

Before the current popularity of design build construction, the prevailing model in the industry was design-bid-build. In the design-bid-build process, a building design is drawn up by an architect, with the resulting plans being presented to several contractors, who each make a bid reflecting the estimated cost of the entire project. After assessing the bids and the capabilities of each contractor, the building owner then decides which contractor will get the contract.

In the design and build process, the entire project is assigned to a single firm or entity, essentially doing away with the bidding part of the process. The company that ultimately gets the contract will be in charge of the entire construction project from start to finish. This company will be responsible for every aspect of the project, from drawing up the plans to making necessary revisions and modifications according to the owner’s intentions. The contractor will also be responsible for assembling the personnel necessary for the completion of the job, and for maintaining a smooth and efficient workflow, with the eventual goal of getting the building done on time and within budget.

For the building owner, dealing with only single entity provides a number of benefits. With design build construction, structure can be built more quickly, more efficiently, and at less cost.

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